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bird feeders
i couldn't find a solid,
easy to fill feeder, so i made
my own. no squirrels 
will be chewing these apart.
mine has been outside
for over 10 years, and being
made of stoneware clay,
living outdoors year 'round
is a piece of cake.
the top one is an earthy
green with the natural
brown clay colour
they're roughly 7.5" tall x 9" wide with lid.
to fill, simply lift the lid up the chain a bit, fill it up, then bring it back down on it's chain and
put in place.
this lower one is also earthy 
coloured, but with deeper 
browns, and drips of
greenish blue
this one is a little
taller and slimmer,
and also uses the
green glaze that is
wiped in spots, with
the natural clay
exposed around
the perches.
and here a little
shorter and
wider. this,
feeder is glazed 
with a beautiful
copper glaze
80 oz. soup tureen/
you want it to be
a solid green that
has a metal look
to it
berry bowl
deep blue with
wavy purple
design over
8" wide x
new batches of stemless wine goblets/whiskey cups are starting to make their way through the system, and i'll be posting them as
they come out of the kiln.
these are 10oz. cups with a soft 
and delicious green yellow mix,
these are a 'must see' outdoors 
this summer
mug lust jade.jpg
wonky purple blue.jpg
12 oz. mug
black base with
fused colours 
and blue outline
12 oz.
twisted mug
black, with blue
and purple drip
mocha mug.jpg
12 oz. mug
black with a
slippery mocha 
colour over top
seafoam mug2.jpg
12 oz. mug
sea foam green
with a black
10 oz. mug
sea foam green
with a black
12 oz. mug
black with
drippy blues
11 oz. mug
earthy colours
with hues or
purple and blue
10 oz. mug
creamy orange/
the word 'twist'
on the side
purple mug.jpg
12 oz. mug
purple, black and
grey colour
red insde grey mug.jpg
12 oz. mug
acai blue/grey on
outside, charcoal
red inside
montreal inside cup.jpg
red inside cup.jpg
10 oz. stemless
wine goblet/
whiskey cup
matte charcoal
on the outside,
starry sky inside
comfy thumb grip
indentation on 
the side
10 oz. stemless
wine goblet/
whiskey cup
matte charcoal on
the outside, a pale
red inside
comfy thumb grip
indentation on
the side

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