has changed a few things for the next little while. one of those changes means more online sales. i will try my best to update the pic's in the store to reflect exactly what might be available that day. prices will be available upon request. other pieces will likely be available for purchase as well, that aren't pictured on the page, so if there's anything else you're looking for, or would like to place a custom order, just go to the contact page and send me a note. please allow 4-6 weeks for completion ...pieces will be cleaned and packaged immediately using only clean, first used wrapping and bags. gloves and masks will always be worn for this. pieces will then be available for pick up. we are also offering free delivery in ottawa for any purchase of $30.00 or greater (so that would include a single mug for example)


enjoy browsing through the shop. there are many gift ideas here and on the gallery page. (this is a sampling of some of the pieces i make, all of the items below are available in many sizes, colours, and styles.)

a unique, one of a kind, hand crafted gift is always warmly received.  a hostess gift, a wedding gift, a birthday or a house warming gift. it's also nice to receive a gift from ourselves, we're often the last people we think of....

click on the picture for a larger view

40 oz. jug
a black base colour, with 
a soft blend of blues
greens and purples
6"high x 8"wide

lidded jar. thrown as a

closed form with the lid

cut out. (for reference,

holds 12oz)

green with a hint of 


5"wide x 6" high

big shallow plum.jpg

large wide shallow


plum and black


2" high x 11.5" wide

large serving platter

blue and purple waves

from handle to handle

2" high x 14" wide

big blue shadow bowl.jpg


large bowl

blue and black


4" high x 11"wide



brie baker/small


black with a green/

blue over top

3" high x 7" wide


brie baker/

small casserole

black base with

a plum colour

over top

3" high x 7" wide

brie baker/
small casserole
earthy greenish/
gray brown
3" high x 7" high

tilted tea light 


these will cast cool patterns

on walls, if close enough.

comes with small string of

white, or multi-coloured, 

LED lights

random purple and grey

4" wide x 7" high


small wonky tea

light holder/lantern

also patterns on walls.

comes with small 

string of white, or

multi-coloured, LED



metal look with blue



3 1/4" x 5" high 


blk clay mirror lamp1.jpg


table lamp

raw, smoothed black clay, with layers and drips of a silvery metallic glaze. pictured off and turned on.


 total height of lamp with shade

15" x 6" wide

blk clay mirror lamp2.jpg
purple lamp1.jpg

 table lamp

deep purple over 

black clay

 total height including shade

14" x 4 1/2" wide

purple lamp2.jpg
drippy lamp1.jpg
table lamp
matte black with a creamy, foamy white-ish matte glaze spilling
over the ridges 
total height including shade
12.5' x 6.5' wide
drippy lamp2.jpg

swag lamp

blue colour with

raw clay trim ... various sized

holes cut out, one at a time, around the lower 1/3.... so along with directing it's light to a

surface below, it also allows light out through the holes, for a cool decorative effect. if the light is hanging in a corner, or near a wall, it will also create a pattern

of light on the walls.

6.5" high x 7.5" wide

honey pot
black base glaze with 
red highlights 
3 1/2"high x 5"wide

cereal/ soup bowl

semi-matte light blue

glaze, with lines carved

on the outside for glaze

pool and break

3"x 6 1/2"

swag lamp

black narrow collar, 

where it spreads 

wider to cast more 

light. once again the

individually cut holes 

around the bottom will 

cast cool patterns of 


12" in height x 9"wide


flower pot with tray


white base with green

band and drips

4 1/2" x 4 1/2"


flower pot with tray


white base with blue


and drips

4 1/2" x 4 1/2" 


pho/buddha bowl   (2)

black line pattern, and greyish/

brown in behind.

notches in the rims that 

you can rest your

chop sticks on.

3" high x 7" wide




altered rimm bowl.jpg
med/large bowl
gently blended blues
and purples
3 1/2' high x 9"wide

chippy dippy

rich deep blue


platter with dipping

bowl attached

3" high x 12" wide

red inside big bowl.jpg
starrycereal bowl.jpg

med/large bowl

black on the outside

and red inside

3.5" high x 10.5" 


cereal/soup bowl

black with a 

starry sky


3" high x 6.5" wide


 med. height vase

black and plum coloured

top, and a cratery white

on the bottom.

14" high x 5" wide

pho/buddha bowl

black line patterns

with greyish/brown rims

bird feeder
matte green and natural 
clay fifnish
8"high x 9"wide

mortar and pestle

5.5"wide x 2.5"high (bowl)

blue exterior colour, smooth 

raw clay inside the mortar 

and end of pestle for perfect 



8 cup tea pot

6"high x 9"wide

turquoise and sand colour

flat bottomed serving 

bowl or casserole

12" wide x 3" high

black and earth tones