tea light lantern
crater blue and matte 
black glazing 
6"high x 4"wide

knitting/yarn bowl with

hand carved yarn path


matte blue/green glaze

8" wide x 3 1/2" high

large mug (approx. 16 oz.)
matte black w/earth tones
large shallow bowl
semi matte black base 
glaze with various colours
randomly applied over top
14" wide x 4" high
2018-09-18 18.14.53.jpg
2018-07-09 17.50.03.jpg

brie baker

blue with touches 

of green

berry bowl with tray

blue tea dust and purple

8"wide x 3.5"high


berry bowl with tray

black with a purple drip rim

8" wide x 3.5" high

lidded (kitty proof)

knitting/yard bowl with

hand carved grooves.

black and shino finish

12" high x 7" wide


stemless wine goblet/

whiskey cup

3.5" high x 3" wide

slate blue/green and black

IMG_0793 (1).JPG

cream and sugar set

earthy green colour

and they love to be close

table lamp

glossy green with a 

white shade


12oz. mug

white and blue slip 

finish with clear glaze


long casserole 

(or fish roaster)

14" long x 3" high

black and shino

 med. height vase

black and plum coloured

top, and a cratery white

on the bottom.

14" high x 5" wide


10 0z. wine goblet

blue and sand colours

with text


french butter dish/

butter bell

cranberry glaze

butter dish

purple and tea dust blue

6" wide x 4" high


 large garlic keeper

shino and blue glazes

9" wide x 8" high



matcha bowl (small 

mixing bowl)

green sea foam glaze

6"wide x 4" high



10 oz. mug

brick red and white

with musical design

tea light lantern

earthy dry green 

6"high x 4.5" wide


pho soup bowl/

buddha bowl with hand

carved grooves on the 

rim for chop sticks.

earthy brown with black

cobble stone pattern

8" wide x 4" high

10 oz. stemless wine goblet/

whiskey cup with thumb

grip on one side.

blue and green slip

design with clear glaze


tea light lantern

turquoise and cranberry 

6"high x 4.5" wide

swag lamp

blue colour with

raw clay

10 oz. mug

turquoise and white

with text

(i will often put lines from

songs, or quotes that i like

on the mugs.. i can do that 

for you too)


8 cup tea pot

6"high x 9"wide

turquoise and sand colour



bird feeder
matte green and natural 
clay fifnish
8"high x 9"wide

flat bottomed serving 

bowl or casserole

12" wide x 3" high

black and earth tones


mortar and pestle

5.5"wide x 2.5"high (bowl)

blue exterior colour, smooth 

raw clay inside the mortar 

and end of pestle for perfect 



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