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“the measure of a nation’s greatness does not lie in the conquest, or its gross national product, or the size of its gold reserves or the height of its skyscrapers. the real measure of a nation is the quality of its national life, what it does for the least fortunate of its citizens and the opportunities it provides for its youth to live useful and meaningful lives.”


           Tommy Douglas, 1976  

‘great bowls of fire’

every year the ottawa guild of potters puts on an event called ‘great bowls of fire’. a bunch of potters donate soup bowls and auction pieces, awesome local restaurants donate vats of their best soups, and the city’s finest bakeries donate bread, in the hopes of raising money for our local food bank.  this event is very popular and is always sold out. our patrons are very generous, as they always come through for the food bank in the live, and silent auctions, as well as the purchase of their tickets. this event always raises more than $10,000.00 at a time of the year (march) when the food bank can really use the help





this lidded casserole fetched  $120.00 in the live auction



                       all of the potters donate 100% of the proceeds



one more thing on the food bank before we move on. it’s events like this that remind us that folks around our region need help. an easy way to help is to grab an item or 2 when we’re at the grocery store. (always stuff on sale as you can double your gift, that’s the Scottish in me). you don’t have to go crazy to help, if everyone put a can of soup, or something, in the bin we wouldn’t have people going hungry….food for thought!





next up is ‘the well’ and ‘the mission’. at our studio, in the nepean visual arts centre, we have 2 bins, one for women in need in our community, ‘the well’, and one for men in need, ‘the ottawa mission’. every month the bins of toiletries, gently used clothing, towels, blankets etc. are dropped off at these two centre’s for immediate use. the over 200 potters we have through  our studio every week have been very generous and really keep hoppin’ with their donations, another really easy way to help.




this is ouchy, my little foster guy from Cambodia. he’s about to turn 6. i do this through plan canada.


finishing this page off  is the always fun ‘movember’ campaign. this is when men all around the world grow a moustache for the month of november to raise money, and awareness, for prostate cancer. this all started in australia where they call moustaches mo’s, therefore: ‘movember’. click on their site to hear more.



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